Omnicom Q1 2017: Accuen Flat As Clients Move To Disclosed Programmatic Buys

Growth at Accuen was flat last quarter as more clients moved away from nondisclosed programmatic buying methods, where agencies procure inventory and resell it to clients with an unrevealed markup, said Omnicom CEO John Wren on the company’s first-quarter earnings call on Tuesday.

We Lost the Battle But Won the War”: A Conversation with Megan Pagliuca

As CEO of Omnicom Media Group’s Accuen since 2015, Megan Pagliuca has been inspiring the “next evolution of programmatic” – focusing on open pricing, automation and elevating machine-driven media from a line item into a strategic plan. And like many of today’s ad tech luminaries, her career began in the mid-‘00s at Right Media, a

Omnicom Media Group Tops In New Business In 2016

Media agency tracker RECMA is out with a new report detailing major media agency account wins and losses for full year 2016 and finds that Omnicom Media Group (PHD, Hearts & Science, OMD) turned in the best performance with net new business wins totaling an estimated $4.4 billion (estimated billings), according to sources with access

Programmatic Agency of the Year: Hearts & Science

Hearts & Science, OmnicomMediaGroup’s, data-driven marketing agency, doesn’t see itself as a programmatic agency. In fact, programmatic, exchange-based trading comprises only 15% of agency work.