Accuen Awarded Best Trading Desk at the 2016 Drum Trading Awards

On September 21, 2016, Accuen received the honor of Best Trading Desk at the Drum’s Digital Trading Awards.

The Digital Trading Awards honor programmatic performance and gives recognition to the best in the programmatic and ad tech industry in the United States. Digital Trading Awards winners demonstrate clear strategic thinking, innovation, effectiveness, and tangible results.

Accuen was recognized as Best Trading Desk for making data central to the programmatic strategy, forward-thinking partnerships with the walled gardens, a unique and comprehensive approach to programmatic planning, and a relentless pursuit of aligning media with the most premium inventory.

“The Drum Trading Awards provide long overdue recognition for the creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial thinking that is required to navigate the complexities of the programmatic landscape and develop sound targeting, measurement and optimization strategies. These awards generate excitement and appreciation for the discipline and the unique skill set that it demands,” said Benjamin Dick from the IAB and Chairman of the Drum Digital Trading Awards judging panel.