Putting the Consumer Experience First

The hype around technology has distracted marketers from its true purpose: a way to make better connections with consumers. Accuen’s programmatic offering rests on four competencies that help marketers extract more value from technology and data: Analytics and Predictive Modeling, Programmatic Planning, Walled Garden Interoperability, and Curated Publishers.

Analytics and Predictive Modeling help marketers reach the right audience at the right price. Programmatic Planning places the consumer at the heart of the planning process, ensuring their experience with a brand is relevant and non-intrusive across screens. Walled Garden Interoperability ensures that marketers can leverage consumer activity data from all of the owners of today’s digital experience – Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others. Omnicom Media Group also negotiates the rates and provides the technology plumbing to Curated Publishers in both the US and international markets.

All of these capabilities are enabled talent, processes, and Omnicom Media Group-built technologies which combine to create a competitive advantage for our clients.

Our Engagement Approach


We believe a collaborative, education-based approach to programmatic ensures the best results for the agency and clients.


We execute integrated marketing campaigns through programmatic technology. This aligns with our mission to put the consumer at the center of the programmatic strategy conversation, not technology.


Our only interest is ensuring clients use the technology partners most suited to their individual objectives.

The Annalect Agile Data Platform is an open data and analytics environment that ingests tens of thousands of data attributes to create a true view of the consumer. In the hands of our data scientists, the Agile Data Platform is a powerful, advantageous tool to drive real growth for brands. The outcome is targeting the right audience across devices.


Programmatic creates the opportunity to personalize ads to the right consumers, but personalization is only as effective as the knowledge you begin with. Our data sourcing approach prioritizes data provided at the individual level — first party (client) and second-party (walled garden or other publisher) data — which provides the richest and most accurate signals from which we can derive insights into customers and potential customers.


As an open data and analytics environment, the Agile Data Platform can be connected to any Data Management Platform (DMP) or ad server. The Agile Data Platform ingests log file data from ad servers and DSPs, DMP data, and aggregated and granular data from first-, second-, and third-parties to create a single-source view of the consumer.