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Big Media Will Become Bigger Media

Buying models for television and radio haven’t changed much in decades. But the programmatic approach has already begun making an impact. The evolution won’t be as rapid as it had been in the online advertising world. Yet, programmatic characteristics such as real-time decisioning, automated execution, and data-driven audience targeting are definitely starting to affect television

Native Advertising: A Better Ad Experience

Isn’t it remarkable how quickly web advertising has evolved? No sooner did banner formats start to become standardized before a new technology came along to disrupt the industry. Among consumers, smartphones and tablets have proliferated quickly in recent years. But, adapting to the new mobile ecosystem was quite a conundrum for advertisers at first. If

The State of Programmatic Media

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that programmatic is not a new concept. But a little context never hurts. Before programmatic was available, marketers would manually buy digital media directly with publishers, using the publisher’s data to inform the purchase. Now in simple terms, you could say that programmatic automates this process with enriched,

Programmatic Measurement: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

The digital measurement capabilities have evolved a considerable amount in the last 22 years, but somehow, what is being measured has not. And with hundreds of measurement partners and solutions, it’s easy to get lost. Koushalya Subramanian, Accuen's Director of Research, lays out a measurement framework that ensures marketing initiatives are optimized to metrics that strengthen brands and truly mean something for the marketer's bottom line.