The State of Programmatic Media

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that programmatic is not a new concept. But a little context never hurts. Before programmatic was available, marketers would manually buy digital media directly with publishers, using the publisher’s data to inform the purchase. Now in simple terms, you could say that programmatic automates this process with enriched, third-party data. But, there’s much more to it. The approach has really evolved.

At first, programmatic was treated as a marginal line item on a media plan to help marketers cover their bases. Now, the approach has become a primary buying method for premium placements — and it accounts for far more of the digital advertising budget than it once did.

In other words, we’re past the tipping point. Programmatic really has moved from the edge to the core. Decisions about where and when ads are placed are now made far more efficiently through artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB). At first, this development seemed to give digital marketers pause. But concerns faded quickly because campaign results started to materially improve. Brand stewards now have more time to focus on strategy and creative.

A key takeaway from buying media using the programmatic approach is that risk has reduced by design, so all parties involved come away with wins. Buyers can now be far more confident their budgets are being used wisely — and they can see that in the results. Publishers can offer better, more strategic placements without the risk once associated with media buying. In rare instances where a campaign itself doesn’t automatically adapt, digital marketers can apply course corrections quickly.


Programmatic Continues to Grow in 2016 and Beyond

In light of the ongoing evolution for programmatic, Accuen leadership has taken deliberate steps to handle the growth. Certainly, the trading technology itself has been upgraded. But the organization is actively training and improving internal teams to better serve all clients.

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—Adapted from Programmatic Has Moved From the Edge to the Core, by Megan Pagliuca, Global CEO, Accuen